Your neighbor just bought the brand spanking latest car of his “dreams”.  How long did he dream of it, the thing just came out?   He will probably trade it in within three years for his upgraded “dream” ride.

You don’t need to do him one better. Forget about keeping up with the Joneses. They don’t pay your mortgage, car note or any other bill for that matter. Forget about impressing them because that is the real reason for keeping up.

Not saying you should trade-in your car for a bike, or drive your car until it becomes a rust bucket, but a new car every two or three years is a terrible financial move.

Buy certified pre-owned with factory backed warranty. This is like buying new, with the added benefit of saving thousands of dollars and ride it until you can ride it no more.  No plug here, just a little smarts!  .

Go ahead and buy that car.   Every summer while you are stuck in rush-hour traffic in your new car, dreaming about lounging in paradise; St Lucia, Cancun or Tenerife. I am there toes in the sand, refreshing beverage in hand, while you wish you could. It’s OK you are sitting in your NEW car.


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