There are many ways we needlessly throw away our hard earned money. Sometimes we don’t even realize it. There are quite a few steps we can be taken to avoid this.

They may not seem like much, and are fairly simple, but over time you will see how the savings add up.

Forget the corner coffee shop with the expensive concoction you drink every morning, drop it. That one cup of coffee can set you back $4 If you buy one every weekday, you spend about $1,000 a year.

Make your own instead and add flavored creamer if you must.

Replace single-serve plastic water bottles with a reusable water bottle and eliminate unnecessary waste. A little earth friendly to boot.

Brown bag your lunch to work. Have home cooked meals more often and take leftovers the next day. I am not saying that you can’t eat out. I connect with my sons when we eat out but we can’t do it all the time.

I am all for using credit cards; the rewards often add up, but these need to be used wisely. Pay the bill in full when it is due. Never, ever carry a balance.

Find a card with a low interest rate and a good rewards program. Bottom line, you need to stop wasting money on credit card interest.

Use an ATM not belonging to your bank or in its network, you may be charged fees by both banks. This adds up to several dollars per transaction. Banks in my area charge $5 per transaction. My bank tacks on $2 to that; $7 for the convenience of using the closest one? Convenient for whom? Not worth the expense. Your bank is not close; Use your debit/check card instead.

There is a big movement to cut the cable. Me, I enjoy watching TV and will be not be joining the movement. I eliminated the premium channels, the ones that show you the same movie countless times a month. Stick to basic cable and if you don’t have to see tonight’s episode as it premieres, then you are a candidate for a streaming service.

The bad habits: the pack-a-day smoker, the 6 pack of beer every night. I am not the morality police but you should kick those unhealthy habits, your wallet and your health will both thank you.

Enjoy your beverage of choice, just do so in moderation. You are not going to strike it rich by following these steps but you can save a substantial amount. Can’t do them all? Start with one. The first step is usually the hardest.

Before you know it you will new ways to save. Do something productive with the money you just saved. Pay off your credit card, get an IRA, and pare down a loan.

Anything to be better off today than you was yesterday.There are many other steps that can be taken. These are but a few. Please share with others who may benefit.

I am not a financial advisor. I hold no fancy degree and as such this is not financial advice.  This is simply what I have done and recommended my children do when the time comes.

Source: Stop Throwing Away Your Money


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