23 Things to Find Your Happy and Change Your Life

Once we step into adulthood we become so consumed with life that we forget to live. The mortgage, the student loans; they all get in the way. Our dreams are put aside and what we hoped to accomplish is never to be finished. They say that when we grow old we regret not doing what we wanted to and never did more than things we did that came out wrong. So do what makes you happy.

1. Forgive your parents for mistakes they may have made during your childhood. Nobody is perfect. Hopefully you learned from them.

2. Forgive someone for a past transgression. Let it go, if just for you.

3. Eliminate toxic people from your life; Regardless of how hard it may be. You don’t need that negativity in your life. You will become toxic as well.

4. Take a vacation by yourself. Hopefully overseas, just you. Go where you want, see what you want. You will disconnect and recharge.

5. See your favorite band. Saw Pearl Jam in 1992, when my kids saw footage 20 plus years later, they could not believe their old man was in that crowd. Best concert ever!

6. Watch your favorite movie one more time. The Warriors, Breakfast Club and all the Jason Bourne movies-I can watch on mute, I know the complete dialogue.

7. Take a walk in wet grass, while barefoot.

8. Read every day. Make it a book if possible.

9. Quit that job you hate.

10. Try something new; A dish from a foreign country, a foreign language. Dance the Tango, Salsa. Expand your life. You will be better for it.

11. Make a fool of yourself, at least once, do it without regret.

12. Try to learn something new every day.

13. Learn a new skill. Woodworking, lo play an instrument, something completely useless.

14. Leave your smartphone at home. After the frightful first few minutes you will find freedom.

15. Declutter your home, even if you can only one room you will declutter your life

16. Trace your roots as far back as you can.

17. Go zip-lining. No matter how afraid you may be. I thought I was going to die, but after five seconds….could not get enough.

18. Explore a cave. Makes no difference if it is Eisriesenwelt Ice Caves in Werfen, Austria or Rio Secreto in Mexico.

19. Travel to as many countries as possible. Get away from the tourist traps and see the real people.

20. Pursue your passion if only for a short time.

21. Reconnect with a long-lost friend, just because.

22. Watch the sunrise it is a gift from Mother Nature. We get one every day. Catch one as often as possible.

23. Give yourself that expensive gift; it is okay to be selfish once in a while. Own something that makes happy.

You may not realize this, but these add joy, and may just clean your soul some.

Credit Card Paradigm-Is Using Credit Cards a Sound Financial Strategy

Credit card usage has become such a controversial topic that to recommend using one seems like bad financial advice. Many will tell you to not use them, to get rid of them altogether.

Using a credit card to buy things you can’t afford or don’t even need is certainly not smart. The interest charges will pile up over time-Why do you think minimum payments exist?

Stay within your budget and pay your bill in full, when due. Never run up or carry a balance, so if you can’t afford to pay the bill, you probably should not be buying it.

I have a rewards card that I use to make almost all of my purchases. If am going to make the purchase anyway, might as well get all the benefits possible. I do suggest taking advantage of the many perks credit cards offer.

I use my points to get things I would otherwise pay for. Cash might be king, but credit cards offer advantages otherwise unavailable. Some offer travel insurance, extended warranties, fraud protection and allow you to dispute billing errors and defective merchandise.

Some credit cards even offer travel and emergency assistance or other travel related features. Credit cards are one of tools used to build credit. Somewhat frequent purchases and a solid payment history help achieve a respectable credit score.

A higher credit score will help you qualify for lower interest rate on loans. The difference between a mortgage at 7% versus 3% is staggering. They also provide financial backup in case of an emergency, such as an unexpected healthcare cost, job loss or major auto repair.

A few things to keep in mind: Do not, under any circumstances miss a payment, you will be accessed with late fees and interest, increasing your debt load. These can add up and have a negative effect on your credit score.

 Review your monthly statements and keep track of your purchases. Report lost/stolen cards immediately.

The card issuers will make money from every single purchase you make. Merchant fees. The multiple charges to cardholders – annual, cash advance, balance transfer, late fees and interest payment .

Some even sell customer data to other businesses. Completely legal as data is anonymous and aggregated, meaning you out can not be singled out.

Some items to consider when choosing a credit card:

-Don’t get a card with annual fees. The benefits hardly ever offset the expense.

-Look for a low-interest rate. The plan is to pay in full, but life happens.

-Look for the rewards program. Some of the most common rewards include Cash back on purchases and airline miles that can be redeemed for trips.

Credit card issuers are betting that by offering perks you will buy more and end up carrying a balance therefore paying interest. Prove them wrong take advantage rewards programs.